Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piano Lessons

So, we've decided to try Mia on some piano lessons because she loves music and is such a learner...she had her first one today and it went great. I think it will be really good for her on multiple levels...right now she's just learning about the different keys and she's using both hands to make them work, which is perfect. We'll see how it goes.

Calvin is quite a hands on guy these days. He can manipulate legos pretty well, we have some of the bigger ones and he can put them together and take them apart. Today, I realized that he can also buckle the safety restraints on the booster chairs for him and Mia. And it is a favorite pastime...go figure, he buckles, I unbuckle...he then excitedly buckles again. We could do this for hours. :) I'm just glad he doesn't know how to unbuckle yet.

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