Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another ENT Visit

So, we ended up heading to LA today to meet the ENT who initially did Mia's surgery on her blocked nostril. We are feeling strongly that we need to do this at a major hospital with pediatric anesthesiologists...especially since we got several voices of concern about the local doctor that looked at Mia. She was happy to see Mia and said that in order to do the surgery she would need a very basic CT of her head done and that hopefully, since she is a little bigger, the result is a little better. Her thoughts for managing it afterwards were to watch and see how she does and if needed, do some nose dilations, similar to anal dilations...except they'd be done under general anesthesia, if need be. So, quite a bit to process, but ultimately, we want what's best for Mia. She didn't notice any fluid build up in Mia's ear, but she also said that fluid comes and goes. We feel strongly about not putting an ear tube in Mia's ear at the moment and waiting and seeing how she does after her nose surgery. Lots for us to process in the next few weeks, so please be praying for discernment as we sort things out.

This past weekend we got to take a special trip down to LA to visit the Long Beach Aquarium and...Disneyland! The kids had a blast, we met up with Brad's Aunt and Uncle and Cousins at Disneyland on Monday and just had such a great time. I need to load the pictures on the computer, but Calvin loved Mickey Mouse, we stood in line to take a picture and he was completely enamored the the big guy. Mia really enjoyed It's A Small World and Toon Town...they both also really liked the seals and sea lions at the Aquarium. It was nice to get away and do something fun. :) I will post some pictures here when I get a chance.

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