Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Horse and Water, Yes Please

Mia started back to MARE on Tuesday. It was a super cold, rainy, windy they had a barn activity instead of riding horses. She had a blast, she got to groom Lady and feed her also, they had her doing really good activities with her hands and speech. She was really excited to be back.

Today she started with aquatic therapy. It's once a week and it's with her regular Occupational Therapist, whom she it's perfect. Brad got to take her because it was after work hours, this was really nice because he doesn't always get to see her therapy sessions. She loved being in the water and did not want to get out...they had her working on blowing bubbles in the water, clapping her hands under water, and some other activities. She's had a great two days of activities.

We started her new appetite medicine on Monday and yesterday she was so completely drugged that we decided to cut the dose in half and slowly work our way up. She's holding steady at 27 1/2 pounds, so we'll see how she does here...if the medicine makes a difference.

Calvin has started the tantrum phase of life...everything Mia has he wants and when he can't have it he will run around crying and then throw himself on the floor in his ultimate display of upset. I sure hope this stage passes quickly. :)

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