Monday, February 06, 2012

ENT visit

We met with a local ENT today who has a large amount of pediatric patients in his practice. He told us he does 1-2 surgeries a year for choanal atresia (Mia's blocked nostril), so we decided to get an opinion from him regarding a second surgery. He noticed that her right ear was opaque when he looked in and then he did a test to see the pressure in here and it's really low because she has quite a bit of fluid build up behind her eardrum from her blocked nostril. He said her hearing is at about 30% in that ear because of it. His recommendation is to do the surgery, but also to put in an ear tube in that ear to drain the fluid and to keep it drained for about 9 months. He would do the surgery at a local hospital and in talking with him, his knowledge of the procedure and what to aligns up with all the other doctors at major hospitals that we've talked, pray for wisdom as we sort through whether or not to do this in Bakersfield. If we did do it here, it could be done in the next couple of weeks sometime, so it looks like it is a surgery we are closely approaching in the near future.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm glad you were able to find a competent specialist in Bako - that makes this whole thing a little bit easier to deal with, I'm sure. Too bad she has to have another surgery but it sounds like this guy knows his stuff!

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