Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In less than 2 weeks we will be in San Francisco for Mia's pending nose surgery (Tuesday April 3rd). It still seems far away, but I know that day will be here quick enough. I remember a few years ago when the ENT we saw recommended we didn't do this surgery until she was in the 4-5 year age range and I remember thinking how grateful I was that she didn't need to have the surgery and how far away that seemed to be. But now it's here.

Last night at Bible study we were talking about something the speaker had mentioned at our women's we have an inner and an outer circle. The outer circle are things that we have no control over, yet like to think we do. Like how our children behave or what our husband or wife does. The inner circle are things we can control, like how we respond to what our children do or how we pray, etc. I'm trying to remember that Mia and the doctors and everyone involved in this surgery are in my outer circle. I can't control that. But I can pray and I can trust God. It doesn't seem like much, but really it's everything. So, pray that I continue to give this all over to God and trust in His perfect plan for Mia. Pray for everyone involved, that Mia would get exceptional care and that this would be the last time we have to do this surgery for her. Pray that her body would be preparing itself even now for her surgery.

It doesn't get any easier thinking about your child going into a surgery. I wish I could say that having done this multiple times that I'm ready, but I'm not. Every surgery is a big deal for us. I'm grateful it's not an open heart surgery, but it is still a surgery. So thankful that we serve an awesome God who is in control and we can put our trust in Him about this. Keep praying that I would be reminded of that throughout these next couple of weeks.

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Superha said...

I love how positive you stay even through such difficult things as watching your child in surgery. Thank you for this encouraging blog. Your gotcha back friend. :)