Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Actually, you all must be praying for me because I am at total peace about Mia's surgery. We've been super busy also, so that's good for keeping my mind from worrying too much, but honestly, when I start to worry I've been focusing myself back on God and His promises and that worry goes away. Thank you Lord!

Yesterday we were out at MARE because that's what we do on Tuesdays. Mia loves to ride Cricket. I remembered to pack some baby carrots along and Mia got to give them to her horse as a treat after she was done. Cricket munched them up so quick, but it was neat to see Mia holding the bucket of baby carrots and really participating in taking care of her horse.

Her physical therapists have been commenting on how much stronger she is getting and how she is so close to being able to jump. Apparently it takes quite a bit of strength to be able to physically get both your feet off the ground at the same time. We've been playing the Wii quite a bit and we got Mia "Wii Fit for kids" and she loves it. One of the activities is jumping so we've been practicing that quite a bit and I did actually see her jump once with both feet off the ground. Praise God for continuing to strengthen her.

Calvin has a lot of things to say these days, even if we can't understand him. But bless his heart for repeating the same gibberish over and over and over again. :) Brad showed the kids a video on you was a hickory dickory dock animation song where different animals take turns running up the clock. Well, at the end there is an elephant and after it climbs the clock it ends up breaking the clock because it is so heavy. I finally figured out that Calvin was trying to desperately tell me something about this video...I thought he liked it and was just so excited about the elephant and the clock. Well, I put the video on this morning and he burst into tears when he saw the elephant...apparently he was trying to tell me that he did not like that part. Anyway, he can't stop talking about it and I now remind him that I turned it off and there is no more elephant and everything is ok.

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