Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It seems like I blink and then a week goes by and I haven't updated the blog and I wonder, what have we been doing?  I know lots of good things are happening, I just can't seem to keep them all straight.  Much of this weekend was spent with family and celebrating Mother's Day.  I know I am a mother, but I feel incredibly blessed to have my mother and mother-in-law live so close and help so readily with the kids.  The kids adore their Grandmas.  Not a single day passes without them asking to go to one of their houses and sometimes being extremely disappointed when the answer is no.  These past five years haven't been extremely easy, but because of the help we get from the grandparents it has been so much easier...having their love and support and their willingness to help so often, I can't put it into words, except that we are so blessed. 

One of our fun days this weekend was spent at the spray park close to our house.  Mia, Calvin and Joy had a blast.  Even though the water was frigid, the weather was nice and they just didn't seem to mind being cold when they were having so much fun.  And on Mother's Day we got the inflated pool out at the grandparent's house and the kids just couldn't get enough of that either.  I had to cut their fun short because they were turning blue and shivering so much.  It was just a really nice weekend spent with family, I couldn't have had a nicer Mother's Day. 

This week we are just plugging along with our usual school and therapy routine.  That will change in the next few weeks as summer begins.  Normally I don't look forward to change, but I am really looking forward to this.  For the first time in awhile, Mia won't be in summer school and the kids will be home with me.  We'll start to sort out how our day is going to work and what it's going to look like having both kids at home.  I'm ready and I'm super excited to have that time with both of them. 

We learned this past week that Calvin can count to twelve.  He is obsessed with clocks, I still can't figure out if it is a good thing or a bad thing.  Anyway, we listen to the Hickory Dickory Dock song in the car all the time...yes, all the time.  So, I'm not surprised that he can count to twelve, but it sure is cute when he says it.  What a sweet boy.

Thank you Lord for my family!

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