Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

I think summer is officially over.  I wish that the temperature would realize that.  I'm ready for fall coolness and hot cocoa, the simple things in life.  This past weekend we went to Palmdale to visit my brother and his family.  The fair has just started in Palmdale and their daughter Samantha is part of 4H.  She's been raising a sheep and a pig for the fair, so we went up to visit for that and also because their son Seth's birthday was this weekend.  It's almost becoming a tradition for us to visit on this weekend and participate in the festivities. 

The kids really enjoyed the animals at the fair, especially Mia.  Dorothy (my brother's wife) noticed how much more readily Mia was wanting to interact with the animals.  Calvin on the other hand was rather intimidated by many of them, so he kept further away.  It was lots of fun, although it was so hot!  I think this year we planned it best because we waited until Sunday morning to go to the fair and we went before the public showed up because Samantha was showing her pig that morning.  So, we got awesome parking and we got to see the animals in the morning before it was sweltering hot and without all the crowds of the people.  It was a win win! 

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