Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun

We've been keeping busy since we came back from vacation.  Mostly trying to keep cool, it's been hot here!  We've also been trying to sort through therapy schedules and get everything lined up for the fall.  The kids have been enjoying playing in the backyard with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. 

Today the kids went to the dentist.  I don't know why there is a fear of the dentist, maybe it's strange people putting their fingers in your mouth.  There were lots of tears, but everyone was ok afterwards.  Thankfully Mia and Calvin had great check ups and we don't need to do any follow-up work. 

Saturday the kids went to a birthday party for a neighborhood friend.  That was lots of fun.  The kids really enjoyed being in the pool. 

It's finally happened...Mia is ready to drop her last nap.  :(  I'm super thankful that she's been a great napper and that it's lasted this long.  She's almost five and she was having a hard time falling asleep at night, so this past weekend we gave it a go at trying without naps and she's done great.  Her nap was usually only an hour or so, but I guess she doesn't need it anymore.  And now she falls asleep at night in 5 minutes, which is great.  So, we've been trying a quiet time in her room, reading books or playing games and there is a learning curve to this, apparently.  I think if we are consistent with working on this, then it should eventually work well, she just has a hard time playing by herself....however, a great skill to have. 

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