Friday, September 14, 2012

So Glad We Came

We arrived in Cincinatti on Wednesday. Everything went smoothly with our flight and we arrived safely to our hotel. We ended up getting to bed rather late and then had to be up early for testing for Mia the next day. We managed to survive, though. And she did really well with her first big day. Thank you for praying! Today we met with the different doctors about her testing and we are feeling full of knowledge, some good and some bad, but everything was good to find out. The GI specialist we saw, who has been doing this for year and is really the best of the best gave us a hopeful prognosis for Mia. He thinks that she has the potential to potty train and we are going to follow his process to get us there. We also met with Urology and we found out that Mia has some mild reflux which means she is at a higher risk for a kidney infection. It could either be related to her stroke or to her tethered they are running another test on her on Monday to determine more of that info. We also found out we have an appointment with Neurosurgery on Thursday about her tethered cord which is a huge praise because I was told it was impossible to get in, thank you for praying! We know the praise and glory belong to God for this. A busy day, but lots of valuable information. Now we are going to try and do something fun this weekend and relax. :)

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