Friday, January 04, 2013

Last LA Visit

Until the baby comes.  Ok, I wanted to write forever because I don't like driving to LA, however, I know that is not going to happen for awhile, maybe forever. 

Mia and I went to LA yesterday to see her neurologist.  It was just a regular follow-up and we only have to do this twice a year, which is really nice.  It was like a mommy daughter day, but we didn't do anything super fun.  :(  It just always ends up being such a long day when we have to wait over an hour to see our doctor and then the whole process of being seen takes an hour...I'm usually ready just to come home at that point.  :)

This is the first time that her doctor has said aloud to the resident in the room that Mia is a miracle.  He usually just says he is amazed and can't explain it, but today he flat out said she was a miracle.  He is always so impressed with how well she is doing.  Thank you Lord!  We know she's a miracle, we know that she's not supposed to have any functioning ability, we know that the only way this is possible at all is because God has intervened and made it so.  We are grateful. 

My little trooper was greatly disappointed when we got home and Grandma was already gone because Daddy was back from work.  But she gets some playtime with Grandma today, so that should appease her.  And when the new baby comes she will get plenty of Grandma and Nana time.  Speaking of the new baby, today I now start the 1 week appointments... :(  But great that baby is still in the oven growing because that's the best place for him to be.  One month from today is my due date, I can't believe this next one is almost here!  Brad is almost done with the baby's room and then I can rearrange and organize, I have hope that it will happen soon.  :)

We asked Calvin what we should name the baby yesterday and he said we should call him "baby brother".  Ok, well that makes too much sense.  Baby Brother Sturm...hmm...

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