Saturday, February 16, 2013


We've been adjusting to having three kids at home for the past few weeks. It's hard to believe that tomorrow Asher will be 2 weeks old. He's been doing really well, gaining weight, sleeping a lot...and overall being the easiest baby we've ever had. The kids can be making a racket and he peacefully sleeps through it. He kind of had no choice in the matter, being the third child. He's so different than Calvin and Mia were, for one, he actually sleeps in his crib. Calvin and Mia took months to sleeping in their cribs, Mia because we held her so much in the hospital (at least that's my theory) and Calvin would only sleep propped up because I'm fairly confident he had a reflux issue...but Asher, he's a trooper, which is a blessing. The kids love their little brother, which is another blessing...they've done a great job adjusting. Calvin has reached a major milestone this week, he no longer needs a pacifier. With Mia, she stopped using hers right before she turned two...Calvin, on the other hand, was much more attached to it and finally no longer needs it. Praise the Lord! I've been getting as much sleep as possible with a newborn. Asher goes for about 3 hour stretches at night, every now and then I'll get a four hour stretch which feels amazing. I'm trying to really appreciate those late night feedings because I know they won't last forever. Thursday we celebrated Daddy's birthday, the kids had fun decorating and making him Lego brownies. They also really enjoyed opening all of his gifts. Calvin wants to know "who's birthday is next." :) Here are some pictures...

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