Saturday, March 02, 2013

1 Month!

Wow, has it already been 1 month? Time flies with a new baby and yet at the same time, sometimes it feels like it stands absolutely still. I think the still times are when I am constantly feeding him and I think, haven't I just done this? But it's working...the feeding...because he weighed in at 11 pounds today! So much for the rule following my c-section, "don't lift anything more than 10 pounds..." :) Asher is doing great, he's waking up more during the day so we get to see his beautiful eyes. He is still really mellow, although he is finding his voice recently and letting us know when he is not happy. Although really, he's almost always happy. He is a big little blessing. His nightly feedings are stretching a bit and he will usually give me one 4 hour stretch, that is really nice. I know I will miss it, it's just really hard to appreciate it when you are in the middle of it. Ok, maybe I won't miss the late night feedings, but I will miss this stage of being a baby, it's going very quick this time. Here are a few pictures of this little man.

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