Friday, May 10, 2013

Cute Things

So, I was at our last MOPS meeting of the year last night and I was sharing some cute things about Calvin and the ladies at my table told me I should write them down...of which, I promptly thought...yes, I need to write this down, why haven't I blogged about it yet?!

I absolutely hate letting our babies cry it out, so there has been a lot of sacrifice on Brad's part and grandparent's to go along with my parenting ideas at nighttime.  I've always nursed and rocked our babies to sleep and then when they no longer nursed, we lie beside them until they fall around 2 1/2, they finally get it and are able to fall asleep on their own.

So, Calvin has finally reached that milestone, with a bit of pushing from us, but he now happily goes to sleep on his own, which is amazing.  Well, for awhile, I would tuck him in and he wouldn't let me leave, he kept saying, "one more hug, one more mama..." and of course, I just couldn't resist, but it was getting worse and worse that Brad finally stepped in and said, "tonight mama is going to give you two hugs and then leave and then you'll go to sleep."  Well, he didn't like it, but that's what we did...the next day at naptime I asked him, do you want 3 or 4 hugs, thinking if you give them a choice they will pick one and be happy because they got a choice.  Well, he promptly said, I want 12 hugs.  Why, you ask?  Well, 12 is the highest number he can count to.  So, it is now tradition, that we give 12 hugs and then he makes the "I love you" sign and promptly tells me, "ok, go mom, bye."  So sweet!  I love this boy!

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