Thursday, June 06, 2013


It's been awhile since I've had to drive to LA because Daddy has been taking Mia to her appointments for me.  So I ventured to LA today with all three kids and Grandma Cheri.  Thank you Grandma Cheri for coming with!  All three kids did great, Asher slept almost the entire way down and the entire way back, I'm so happy he likes to sleep in the car.  Mia and Calvin watched videos on the way down and napped on the way back.  It was a very enjoyable trip, aside from waiting at the doctor's office.  We saw the opthamologist today for a check up.  Mia's left eye turns out occasionally because of the surgery on her skull.  It is especially pronounced when she looks upward.  We've talked about a potential surgery to correct this, but haven't really seen a need to do so and we've been trying vision therapy to correct the outward turn.  After consulting with the doctor today, he really feels like surgery isn't necessary unless it were to socially impact her down the road.  He feels like her focus is good enough as she looks forward and downward, the most important and most often used directions.  So, with that, we might just cross off opthamology from our list of doctors...(they would still like to follow up with us, but really, if they aren't doing surgery, then we don't see a need to really see them...)  :)

We are just happy to be back home.  I forgot how long and tiring that drive can get. 

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