Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We've been enjoying our summer around here.  Mia's therapies are scaled back and this week was our last MARE session until the fall.  Next week Mia will be going to VBS at our church and I'm super excited for her.  I am sure she will have a blast.  It will give Calvin, Asher and I some Mommy and sons time at home.  I will have to think of some different than usual things for us to do.

This past week the stomach flu went through our house again.  I for sure thought that getting it so much last year would completely have made us immune to it, but no...not completely.  Thankfully only I seemed to be the hardest hit one and the kids have recovered quickly. 

I was appreciating my 6 hour stretches with Asher up until about 3 weeks we are back to frequent night wakings, but I know that this will soon pass.  So I keep trying to have a positive attitude because really in the whole scheme of things, this is very minor.  

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