Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Grandma

Asher and I went on a trip for the past few days to visit my grandmother, the kids great-grandmother, and several aunts and uncles in North Dakota.  I didn't know how we were going to do on the airplane, but I was confident it would be ok with just he and I.  Daddy held down the fort at home with the other two munchkins while I got a much needed vacation.  These days I'm just feeling so burnt out and exhausted, trying to sort out parenting as best as we can...wanting to raise kids that just aren't obedient because they fear the consequences, but rather are obedient because they want to make the right choice.  It is a battle.  So, these past few days away were so good for me and it was so nice to see family that I haven't seen in awhile and I loved that they got to meet Asher.

He did so well on the flights, everyone on the planes adored him.  Everyone who sat beside me was ok with having a baby next to them, in fact, several people were excited that they got to be by the baby on the plane.  Well, he is rather cute, so I didn't blame them for that.  On one of our flights we had a younger stewardess...she was very pretty with blonde hair and a gorgeous smile...Asher thought so too, every time she walked by he would start cooing at her.  And as soon as she was gone, he would stop.  It was rather amusing actually.

We just enjoyed a relaxing time with family for a few days before it was time to come back home.  :)

Great Grandma, Asher and I

Roland (a friend of the family) and Asher

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