Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Words, words, and more words...

I was thinking back to about 3 years ago, before Mia was speaking...when we sat down with her neurologist at one of her regular check-ups and he told me that he didn't think Mia would ever be able to speak.  Fast forward to our speech therapy visit last week on Thursday and her speech therapist is telling me how it is time for her to graduate because she "has all of her sounds".  All of her sounds!  Praise God, what a miracle...really.  The fact that she can produce all of the sounds is amazing.  Sometimes when she is talking really fast she will not enunciate clear enough, but if you ask her to slow down, you can understand her so well, it is amazing.  What a journey!  Thank you Lord for so much progress with our little girl.  So grateful. 

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