Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Weekend of Summer

Oh my, where did our summer go?  I can't believe that school starts on Monday, this month has flown by.  On Thursday this week we went down to see Mia's intestinal surgeon...he's followed her yearly for awhile now and gave us the official, "we'll miss you and we don't need to see Mia anymore".  Praise God!  Our doctor list is getting smaller and smaller, that is a wonderful thing!  At the moment, we only have 4 specialties that we see anymore and we will probably see them for awhile, but that means only 4-5 trips to LA a year now.  I remember when she was born and we had to drive to LA weekly and then when she wasn't healing from one of her surgeries the next summer and we were driving there twice a week...we have come a long way and it is only by the grace of God that we are hear.  Thank you Lord!

Yesterday Mia got to meet her Kindergarten teacher.  She was so excited and then so disappointed when I told her we had to wait until Monday for school to officially start.  She said, "but Mama, it is Monday".  So determined that if she said, it would be true.  Her teacher is wonderful and she should have a great time.  This is the same school she did her preschool at, so she's very familiar and comfortable with it, which is great also.  :)  We'll let you know how Monday goes!

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Eliza said...

This is great. I love how far Mia has come! Can you believe it's time for Kinder? Crazy!

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