Monday, December 02, 2013

Happy 10 Months Asher!

10 months already?!  Now time is just flying.  We've settled into a nice routine with the little man.  He still naps 3 times a day, but that's probably because his afternoon nap gets cut short to go pick up his sister from school.  Regardless, it works for our family and I am thankful.

We did some sleep training and he falls asleep on his own so easily now...but he still needs me when he wakes up and can't get back to sleep.  Probably partly out of habit, and partly out of comfort...I am his pacifier.  One of these days I will cut him off, but I'm not quite ready yet.

Sadly, our days of growling like a bear have been replaced with sharp, high pitched screeching.  I want my baby bear back.  It upsets Mia more than anyone else and as much as I tell her that he is a baby and he is just learning to talk and will make unpleasant noises, she still doesn't understand why.

We put up the Christmas tree on Friday and Asher got so excited.  And then when we turned the lights on, he was awestruck.  At first, we thought we might not need to barricade the tree and that he wouldn't really play with it, but after we were putting ornaments on for awhile, we realized that he would pick a tiny needle off the tree and then attempt to eat it.  Sigh.  I will not miss the days where everything goes in the mouth.  So, our tree is now blocked off by a baby gate, a couch, and a rocking horse.  So, far it is working to keep the munchkin out.

Here is our handsome little man.

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