Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

That's what life feels like with a baby.  We had just gotten our sleep down, when I mentioned it in my last post and then guess what...yup, you got it...I've got a baby waking in the middle of the night again.  One of his top molars just started poking through yesterday, so I'm sure he's just in teething discomfort, but it is so frustrating when you feel like you are making progress and then you get a setback.  And naps...totally fell off the bandwagon with his naps...oh well, that's life with a baby.  :)

We were in LA yesterday for our yearly visit with the neurologist.  He is so pleased with how well Mia is doing and how far she has come.  We continue to share that it is all because of God.  I had an opportunity at the end to share with a room of about 8 residents that we know it is because of God that Mia has been healed.  Praise God for our miracle!

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