Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy Eleven Months Asher!

Somehow we have arrived to 2014!  This vacation we were all sick.  That rule about when 1 kid gets sick, everyone gets sick...well, it's true.  We are on the mend as we start the new year!  Thank you Lord!  We had a nice Christmas and celebrated Christmas with Brad's family yesterday...I think the kids actually enjoyed spreading it out and getting to open gifts over several days instead of one.  Every toy that Asher opened, Calvin immediately wanted, yet didn't want to share his own toys with Asher. 

The kids have been sleeping in (I know, totally unheard of) which has been really nice for us, but I fear Monday as we will need to be up and moving to get Mia to school on time.  She will be excited to go back to school though, I know she really enjoys school. 

Asher started taking steps this month.  His record has been about 5 or 6 six steps.  This is the earliest step taker we have ever had.  I love this stage, it is my favorite, when they are toddling around and wobbly on their feet.  Just such a sweet time. 

Asher finally started sleeping through the night, thank you Lord!  I love that we can put him in his crib awake for all naps and nighttime and he goes to sleep with minimal fussing.  His naps have finally gotten better also, I get a decent morning and afternoon nap out of the little guy also. 

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