Saturday, March 01, 2014

Happy March!

Aside from cute things the kids say every now and then, there's not much new news to report. 

Mia had a kidney ultrasound at the beginning of the month that came back normal.  We still do these every now and then because Mia still has some mild reflux in her bladder. 

Calvin slid down the slide face first in his Sunday School classroom and hit the carpet resulting in a major large rug burn on his nose.  It is so hard to keep him from playing with or picking at the scar.  We're just hoping that there won't be a permanent scar when he finally heals. 

Calvin has also taken to reading these days.  He is recognizing more words and starting to sound out basic ones and loves to sit and read with anyone.  It brings back such fond memories of Mia starting to read.  I love how excited he gets when he can read a word.  

Asher is becoming more verbal and it is easy to see that he understands so much.  I can ask him to go and find his shoes in the morning and he will go over to the shoebox and bring me back one.  His favorite activity these days is to find a tub of something and dump it all out.  I'm not sure why that is so much fun for kids, but it is. 

Thank you Lord for these little lives, what a precious gift they are!

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