Thursday, May 08, 2014

Happy May!

The weather has been beautiful this past week.  I know it won't last, but we have been enjoying the cool, spring days.  The kids have been playing outside quite a bit.  We have all these little frogs in our backyard and Calvin and Asher go bonkers over them.  I feel for the little frogs, I fear they don't stand much of a chance with these boys who don't quite know the meaning of gentle yet. 

Mia has been doing great in school.  We had her annual IEP review and they would like her to transition into a regular first grade classroom!  She will have a helper to assist with a few things, but she's just doing so well and we are so grateful.  Now we have to decide what is best for her...we are considering homeschooling and we are going to do a trial run this summer to see if that is a good fit or not.  Praise God for so many options for her!

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