Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sweet Childhood Moments

I have to constantly remind myself to write down the things the kids say because I will never remember them.  I love that this blog is something they can look back at and have a glimpse into their childhood. 

Yesterday at dinner Calvin asked, "How does Jesus get into our hearts?"  Brad and I stopped in our tracks and looked at each of those parenting moments you get so excited about!  We told him that you have to believe that Jesus is God's son and that He died for you...and that you have to then want to live for God.  We said if you believe that, you can then just ask Jesus to come into your heart.  Such sweet innocence, a childlike faith...he then said, "Jesus, come into my heart." 

Is that his salvation moment?  I don't think so, but I do believe that it is a baby step towards understanding and owning his own faith.  There is a moment when he will have to make a decision himself, do I really believe this and is this what I want my life to be about.  We are just entrusted with teaching him and praying for and with him.  Thank you Lord for this sweet boy who loves you!

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