Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yesterday was Mia's last day at MARE for the summer.  They offer morning riding sessions through July, but by 11am, it can be really hot and it's nice to take a break.  So aside from OT, we don't have very many commitments for the summer. 

The kids keep getting bigger, I blink and it seems like something has changed.  Asher now eats at the table with a plate and a fork.  Such a big boy.  He, of course, loves to do everything that the big kids are doing.  His vocabulary is increasing daily.  And his comprehension is so good, he can follow directions very well.  When I ask the big kids to go wash their hands, he right there first because he understands so well. 

Calvin has developed a love for legos and the wii.  He can now finish a race in mario kart on his own.  He also has started writing a bit on his own and can do his letters pretty well.

Mia and I have been doing some school at home and she continues to surprise me at how smart she is!  She is doing second grade spelling (that's when they start spelling) and the workbook we use had an activity with 7 words scrambled...she had to get the words in the correct order to make a sentence.  I thought that was difficult, she looked at the words for 15 seconds, maybe and then she would tell me the sentence.  All that reading is paying off for her.  I think writing will be her biggest struggle, but we continue to work on it and I see some improvements slowly in that. 

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