Friday, June 13, 2014


Summer has arrived in Bakersfield.  We've quickly adjusted to life at home.  It's been so nice, for the most part.  It's been nice not having to rush in the morning to get Mia to school.  It's been nice not having to worry about when and where naps are happening.  It's just been nice.  Of course there have been some trying times with kids getting tired of each other, but for the most part, they really enjoy being together.  More often than not, they are frustrated with the little guy because he wants to do everything they want to do. 

Brad and I were blessed to get away for our first overnight ever.  All three kids stayed at home and the grandparents had a sleepover at our house.  Brad and I really just enjoyed the time, a brief pause from life with littles...a chance to talk without being interrupted...what is that?  The little things in life. 

We are doing a little bit of school at home this summer and Mia is loving it.  This has been good for giving our day some "structure" and not having too much free time.  A little free time is a good thing, but I've found that really long chunks don't work so well with my kiddos.  And Mia is a learner, so she loves everything we do.  Her handwriting skills are probably the farthest thing behind at this point, so we've been working on taking our time and practicing our letters.  And I have to say, it is starting to look a little better. 

So grateful for our little ones and thankful for a God who loves us!

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