Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Yesterday Mia lost her first tooth!  She has quite a few wiggly ones in her mouth and so it was only a matter or time before it happened!  She was super excited and the tooth fairy came to visit last night.  She got a little pillow with her name and a tooth embroidered on her pocket she got $5!  Rumor has it that the tooth fairy gives $5 on the first tooth and $1 for each one there after...

Calvin was hoping the tooth fairy would visit him, but I told him that the tooth fairy only visits those children who lose a tooth and that in a couple of years, he would get a visit then.  Slightly saddened, he was still thrilled that the tooth fairy was coming for Mia.

In other news, Calvin is now officially potty trained!  Woo hoo!  It took us a week, but he is done and I am so happy to have 1 less in diapers...that's a big deal!  He got these bug underwear that have a different bug each day of the week and he is always super excited to see which bug he gets to wear.  He told me a few days into the process, "mama, I don't need a potty chart anymore and I'm ready for school."  Hehehehe.  If he only knew he could have milked the rewards of a potty chart for a lot longer!

We moved Asher's crib to Mia's old room in the back (Mia and Calvin are now sharing a room).  That has been a tough transition for him.  He has pretty much told me in his own baby body language (screaming) that he does not like change.  I guess he gets that from his mama.  We'll give him a few weeks to get adjusted to it, but it is so nice to have the kids on the same side of the house and to have our living room back!  Asher's old room was a bonus room right next to our living room and so when he went to bed at night, we were banished to our is all about adjustments, right?

Thank you Lord for these precious babies!!!

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