Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Cleaning

My mom and I have been cleaning my house from top to bottom this past week.  Rooms are getting switched around and it was time for a thorough cleaning.  Who knew there were so many nooks and crannies to hold junk.  And dust...oh my, dust.  We ended up moving the office furniture up to the front room and we are going to make a den/playroom out of the old office.  Since there is so much space in that room, I was able to put all the kids toys in it and I FINALLY have my living room back...without any kid toys in it.  It feels great! 

Mia lost another tooth, this one on the bottom.  When it rains it pours?  Calvin keeps checking his teeth to make sure they are all there, he doesn't want to miss the tooth fairy when it's his turn. 

We've had some accidents with potty training, to be expected, I guess.  We've made a lot of progress and overall I think he's doing well. 

Asher is struggling with his sleep so much and I know that this will pass and he will be a great sleeper again, it is just making things a bit harder in the day.  I dropped his morning nap and he makes it until about noon and I wish he would take a three hour nap, but he can't seem to make it that long and wakes up crying after an hour and a half...it is just lots of adjustments right now. 

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