Friday, June 19, 2015

Mia Update

Mia has been at full dosage of her new drug since last Thursday.  When I say full dosage, I don't mean the maximum dosage possible for her, I just mean the amount that the doctor wanted us to get to in order to see if that would stop her seizures.  This drug takes about 5 days to reach steady state in her blood and so it's been a week since we got to that dosage and she's still having seizures.  So, I spoke with her neurologist and the plan is to slowly increase one of her drugs and just monitor the results from that.  We can tweak as we go, but hopefully we should be able to get to a point where she is seizure free.  So, I get to keep making notes as we change things and monitoring her seizures and we'll just go from here.  Thank you for all that are continuing to pray for her!  She had a pretty bad seizure on Wednesday while my mom was babysitting her.  It lasted quite a bit longer than her usual seizures, so that was scary for my mom and concerning for us.  But we continue to trust in the Lord and lean on Him as we work through this time!

Next week is VBS for us.  It will be a very busy week for the kids and me too.  I volunteered to co-coordinate crafts for the elementary kids and well, let's just say there's a lot on the plate right now.  I will be thankful when the week is done.  Pray for us, that the kiddos would stay healthy, that everyone would have fun and that Asher would do well with the little kids.  Pray also for our neighbor, she approached me today and told me she signed her daughter and niece up for VBS.  They are definitely unbelievers and I'm so excited for their kids to be at VBS for the week.  Pray for seeds planted with those kids...with all the kids there!

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