Monday, June 15, 2015

Sweet Moments

The kiddos are getting bigger and I'm trying to cherish all the sweet moments.  I usually end up waking Asher from his nap because I don't want him to sleep super long because he won't go to sleep at night.  Yesterday when I went in to wake him up he was groggy as usual and so I laid down on his bed and started to talk with him.  I was just talking so he wouldn't fall back asleep.  We talked about Sunday school and the lesson from that morning, and then we talked quite a bit about his snack at Sunday school which had been cookies.  He mentioned that someone put their cookies on the floor and looked at me and said, "that's not good mommy."  And then after we talked some more he looked at me and said, "I like talking in bed mommy."  What a cutie, I can't get enough of his sweet words. 

Calvin is growing up right before our eyes and we've seen such a tremendous growth in maturity over the past few months.  His brain is always working and he is always asking questions.  A lot of times they are about God and how He works.  Like, "Did God make everything?"  "Did God make that house?"  Or the other day he was asking me, "Is God everywhere?"  "Is God in our fridge?"  "Is God in our TV?"  I don't think I was that inquisitive as a 4, almost 5 year old.  And of course he absolutely has a fear of death and will tell me all the time that he doesn't want to die, but this morning he said, "Mama, I don't want you to go to heaven."  Of which, I responded, "Why would you not want me to go to heaven?"  And he then said, "I don't want you to go to heaven before me."  Sweet sweet boy. 

Mia is doing well, we still have been having seizures.  We had two yesterday, but we are officially at our new dosage as of last Thursday, so I'm hoping that when everything settles and is in full effect in her system, we won't see any seizures anymore.  We so appreciate all of you praying for her, we are so grateful for that and we trust that God will continue to see her through this...and us! 

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