Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Changing Meds

So we are still in the middle of changing meds for Mia.  Yesterday she had a pretty bad seizure with no advance warning and ended up falling in our kitchen.  It was really scary because she could have injured herself pretty bad from the fall.  By the grace of God, she did not.  Today I ordered her a helmet.  When Brad brought it up last night (getting her a helmet), my heart dropped.  I don't want her to wear a helmet.  But the more and more I thought about it and processed it, the more sense it made.  At least until we sort out her meds and know that they are working fully and she isn't having anymore seizures, then she probably should be in a helmet.  She doesn't always let us know when they are happening and she is not good at getting on the floor when she feels one coming for her safety, she should be in a helmet.  It won't be pretty, but it will be safer.  Please, continue to pray that her seizures would stop. 

Tomorrow is our last swim lesson and I'm so pleased with Mia and Calvin's progress.  They both have improved quite a bit over the last two weeks.  They cannot swim yet, but I see marked improvement from both of them.  Calvin will probably get swimming quicker...because his coordination is better, but Mia has a lot less fear in the water than him.  We are going to do it again...the lessons...after VBS and our small vacations we have planned. 

Right now we are having a wonderful summer thunderstorm!  I love the smell of the rain and listening to it fall.  It reminds me of God's mercies and His creation.  Thank you Lord for the rain!

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Joyce Milburn said...

Just to let you know, our life group that meets on Wednesday evening has Mia and all of you on our continuing prayer list. We're looking for a miracle. You are all loved.

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