Sunday, June 28, 2015

What A Week!

We had a crazy, busy week with VBS at our church.  The kids had a blast.  Little Asher who has been crying every time we drop him off in the 2 year old class went from not wanting to go to crying when I picked him up and not wanting to leave.  His teacher is one of those people who just has a gift for little kids and Asher loved him.  It was neat to see Asher enjoy it so much.  Calvin was in with his usual Sunday school teacher and that worked great for him.  He had so much fun this week that on Friday night when he was saying prayers before bed, he prayed, "thank you God for sunday school."  Which is so not him, he usually tells us how much he doesn't want to go to church.  And Mia, well, we bumped her into the 2nd grade class because my mom, Grandma Cheri, was teaching it.  So, that was a great fit for her and she also had such a fun week.  I, of course, am exhausted.  I need a vacation!  Ha!  And so we are, we are heading to the beach and will be camping with my brother's family for the next few days.  The kids are excited.  This will be the first time in a tent for them and I don't know how much sleep we will really get, but we are looking forward to cooler weather and time away.  :)  Mia continues to have seizures daily, but we do feel like they are not as strong and we are hopeful that they will soon no longer be a daily occurrence.  Thank you, as always, for praying!

Mr. Bob - Last night, we asked Calvin to pray at bed again...and he ran through his typical thank you's...Thank you for Mom, Dad, Mia, Asher, Grandma...etc...and at the very end he said, "thank you for Mr. Bob."  We love your family and are so grateful how you love on our kids!

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