Friday, July 03, 2015


We are home!  We had a great trip.  We left Monday morning for Morro Bay State campground.  We got their in the afternoon and set up our campsite.  The kids were so excited to be camping.  We didn't really know how sleeping would go with all of us in the same tent, but it worked great.  We fit two queen size mattresses in there and Mia and Calvin slept on the one with sleeping bags and Brad, Asher and I slept on the other with a bunch of blankets.  The kids especially liked having us all sleep together...a big sleepover!

Tuesday morning we got up and rented canoes and canoed across the bay to the sand dunes.  That was Mia's favorite part!  Jarrett and Seth had made their own kayak's awhile ago, so they brought those along and used them.  Asher did not like the canoe because it was "wobbly", but he did a great job of staying seated the entire time.  It took about 15-20 min to get across the bay!  But it was well worth it because the sand dunes were so much fun.  The sand is perfect and the kids loved running down them.  I liked just sitting.  Ha!

Tuesday afternoon we went to a beach by the rock and the kids got to make sand castles and dig holes.  Since digging is their favorite activity, it was a huge hit.

Tuesday night we made s'mores and Asher told us afterward that his favorite part of camping was "roasting marshmallows".  It was just nice to be on our little vacation with family.

Wednesday morning we checked out the museum and headed to town to do a little shopping.  The kids got ice cream and shells at the sea shell shop.  After naptime we hiked out to the tidepools and that was a lot of fun.  That might be my favorite part!  There were lots of little crabs and anenomes...and the kids loved touching all of it.  Calvin loved climbing on rocks with his uncles!

Thursday morning we packed up and did a little hike around camp.  We left around noon and got home in the afternoon.  It was the perfect amount of time for our first camping trip.  I think it was a hit and I know we want to do it again, for sure.  Calvin said his favorite part was sleeping in the tent.  Here are some pics from our trip!

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