Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Pray Without Ceasing

Mia had a bad fall on Monday morning.  She had a seizure and fell on her face on the tile floor.  She ended up banging up her nose pretty good.  It swelled up significantly and so we felt like she needed to get it looked at by our doctor.  Our pediatrician saw her that day and felt she needed xrays to make sure that nothing was significantly broken.  Hours later and many xrays later we got good news that nothing was broken.  We are so grateful that God protected her with this fall.  Needless to say, she is still having seizures.  Every now and then we have a few good days, but usually we have 1 a day...sometimes up to 3.  So, we continue to pray.  We continue to resist letting Satan defeat us.  He's really good at beating me down, especially when she hurts herself because of a seizure.  But ultimately, we win.  So....there will be suffering, we are guarenteed it!  But we win, if we accept Jesus as our savior and trust in Him for our salvation.  I've said this's one thing to suffer yourself, but it's totally different to be helpless when your child suffers.  Thankfully, we serve an amazing God and He is in control.  I can find peace in that. 

On a totally different side note, Mia frequently will burst into singing rather than she will be talking to you with singing...and just now, Asher came up to me and was singing for me to help him fix the lego.  They are so amusing!

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