Sunday, July 19, 2015


We went on vacation last week with the kids and had a great time.  We left sunny, hot Bakersfield for sunny, hot Las Vegas.  We weren't super sure that taking a vacation to Las Vegas was going to be good with kids, but it ended up being really nice.  There are a lot of things to do in Vegas with kids.  And we pretty much did all of the younger kid activities.  We stayed at a hotel south of the strip, so we were off from the hustle and bustle.  Our hotel had several different pools and one of them was a waterpark pool for kids.  Calvin and Mia especially enjoyed that.  It was at the  most 3 feet deep and had several different water spray areas and lots of mosaic animals throughout the pool.  Unfortunately, for Asher, the mosaic tile animals were scary and so every 4 feet or so, he would let out another yelp when he saw a new one.  And even though we tried our best to show him and explain that they were not real, he was still very anxious of them. 

So, Sat and Sun we settled in and then on Monday, we went to Shark Reef, a neat mini aquarium/atrium with a variety of animals.  The kids saw a kimodo dragon, lots of sharks, an octopus and a huge sea turtle.  It was a lot of fun. 

Later that day we went out to an outdoor kid park complete with water jets, lots of play houses to be in...Calvin and Asher especially loved the water jets. 

The next day we ventured out to the strip even further.  We had heard that the fountains at Bellagio were neat and that there was also a Botanical garden in the hotel.  We also heard about this neat ice cream shop next to the Bellagio that we wanted to try.  Well, we got everything packed up to go and the fountain at Bellagio did not disappoint, it was so neat.  But when we sat down at the ice cream restaurant, I went to get Mia's medicine out of the bag and realized that I had forgotten it at the hotel.  It was time to give her her medicine and there was no way we would be able to wait, so we felt bad having to leave, but we didn't really have a choice.  And so we missed the fun ice cream, but made it back to the hotel and got Mia her medicine! 

Another night we got to see the volcano at the Mirage explode, Calvin especially loved that, but Asher was extremely scared...until after, then he raved about how great it was.  We also visited a chocolate factory and the kids got to see them making chocolate...that was fun!  And next to it was a botanical cactus garden.  The kids liked the pumpkin looking cactus and "Larry" looking ones the best. 

Grandma Cheri and Uncle Paul arrived on Wed and spent the rest of our vacation with us.  We got to go back to the Bellagio and see the missed botanical gardens and also another round of the water show!  And then we went to the Flamingo where they have a garden with flamingos (go figure) and turtles, ducks, and fish.  To get to all of these places that evening, we took two free trams (above ground) which the kids called trains.  The whole experience was a huge hit with everyone...and we must have walked 5 least it felt like that...maybe only 4...but when you end up carrying a kid almost the whole way, well, we got our workout in that night! 

The next day we spent the morning at the children's museum.  Which, of course, was a huge hit with the kids because they were missing their toys from home and it was nice just to let them play.  And play they did.  I know Bakersfield isn't big enough for a children's museum, but I wish they had is just so much fun for them and interactive. 

Vegas is known for their buffets, so that night we met my cousin and had dinner at a really nice buffet.  The choices were amazing.  Everything was delicious.  Thankfully, Calvin and Asher got in free because the two of them ate enough to amount to a pile of beans.  The desserts were phenomenal.  It was just too much food!  It was really nice to catch up with my cousin and spend some time with her. 

Our last day, we spent the morning at the pool and that evening had dinner at a restaurant in a casino close by.  The casino has a huge fish tank (over 100,000 gallons) and on the weekends, they have mermaids swimming in the tank.  These mermaids are certified in scuba and swim around interacting mostly with the kids at the tank.  They blow kisses and do fun things under the water.  Asher loved the mermaids. 

Then we had to pack up and leave.  We were missing our home and our beds, so we were ready to get back.  But, we had a fun time on vacation!

Mia is still having seizures and we are still working on her meds, but please continue to pray for her that we would be seizure free soon!

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Joyce Milburn said...

Looks like there are still things I'd like to see in Vegas. Have you ever taken the children to the Lori Brock childrens museum at the Kern County Museum grounds. It has some neat activities for the children. Praying for that miracle for Mia.