Thursday, July 23, 2015


We went to LA on Tuesday for Calvin.  It's slightly strange taking a different child to see the doctor in LA, but he's been once before.  Calvin has a herniated belly button...we took him to see Mia's pediatric surgeon a few years ago and he said that they wouldn't correct it until about age 5.  Since that age was approaching, we decided to take him back to get that fixed.  Calvin wanted to know what stuffed animal he would get for doing this because he knows that Mia has gotten quite a few animals for being in the hospital.  We explained that this was just a visit to have the doctor check him out, we would have to schedule the correction for later. 

Well, great news.  He said the hole that needs correcting is half the size it used to be, so just barely open and that he thinks we should wait a few more years and see if it corrects itself, since it already has done some self correcting over the past few years!  Yippee!  We like not having to do things and having things fix themselves.  Thank you Lord!  And of course, Calvin was super happy too.

After we got back, the kids were playing and Mia ran through the kitchen and slipped and landed flat on the floor.  Thankfully it wasn't seizure related and as a result, she was able to put her hands out and catch herself.  But, she hit her glasses just right and they broke and a tiny metal part punctured her forehead a bit and separated the skin.  Not a very large wound, but deep enough and separated enough that I wanted to take her in and make sure she didn't need some steri strips to keep it closed.  After our visit to urgent care, she's fine.  The wound was already looking much better by the time we were there and it is in a spot on your forehead that really doesn't get agitated much, so it should heal well on its own.  We are just so grateful that she caught herself and it wasn't any worse!  But, because it was deep enough, the doctor said no swimming for her until it heals.  So, she missed out on swim lessons yesterday and today...but hopefully by next week she can be back in the water. 

Calvin and Asher have been progressing at swim lessons.  This time around we also included Asher and he's come along quite a bit.  He doesn't mind getting his head wet and he pretty much does everything their teacher asks.  Calvin has improved so much this summer...I can see how daily time in the water pays off.  As of today he can push off in the water towards his teacher and kick a few feet to get to her...while starting to sink at the same time...but he gets there.  He tells me it is like he is scuba diving.  Ha!  So, next week will be there last week of lessons for the summer.  I can't believe our summer is coming to a close! 

Mia continues to have seizures and I'm in dialogue with her doctor and hopefully we can get that figured out soon.  Thanks for praying!

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