Sunday, August 02, 2015

Family Fun

Yesterday we drove up to Tehachapi for the day.  We were meeting Brad's Grandpa, Uncle and cousins from LA.  We had lunch up there at a fun German bakery and then headed to their small train museum.  Brad's Grandpa worked with trains all his life and they are one of his loves, so this was a fun time for him.  The kids love the trains too, so it was a fun time for win!  What's not to love about trains?

After checking out the trains we headed to an ostrich farm.  We had a little tour and learned more about ostriches than we ever thought we could know.  We met a very famous ostrich, but his name is escaping me maybe he's not that famous?  He's been in a few videos because he is so tame and doesn't bite at people...he also loves to get his picture taken, so he will stand very still when someone is doing that.  A perfect fit for a famous ostrich...if only I could remember his name. 

Afterward we drove home, but took a brief stop at the Tehachapi loop...the only place in the United States where you can see a train on top of itself when it is on the tracks.  There was just a tiny stretch that was too steep to go directly up, so they tunneled and wrapped around the mountain.  We only wish we had actually seen a train on the loop that day.  Next time. 

Today is Asher's 1/2 birthday!  We are going to celebrate a little bit tonight and hopefully in the next few days I can get some more pictures up on the blog. 

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