Thursday, July 30, 2015

Swim Lessons

We finished our last swim lesson for the summer today.  The kids have done so well.  Calvin is so close to swimming, another month of daily swim time and he would be there.  At the start of the water, none of the kids really wanted to get their faces today, they were jumping in alone and going all the way underwater to pick up toys off the ground.  Calvin can float on his back for 4 seconds and now needs to master floating on his tummy.  Asher didn't want anything to do with their swim instructor and by the end, his favorite thing is swimming lessons.  He will be a little fish pretty soon too because he is just trying to keep up with big brother and big sister.  The only thing Asher doesn't like is floating on his back, but by today, he was super close to floating on his own.  Mia has no fear, which is a little bit one point she jumped off the seat when her swim instructor was busy with Calvin...thankfully, I was in the water too and I pulled her out before she sunk to the bottom.  Since we are doing lessons at this gal's house, she lets me get in the water too and Grandma Cheri has been coming along also and getting in the water also!  So, there are 3 of us in there with the kids and today the instructor told me how it has been so nice to have us all in there helping with the kids.  I think most often parents just sit on the edge, but we knew that with Mia and Asher, we would need more bodies in the pool then just the swim instructor.  Plus, we've been working with the other kids when she has been busy with a particular kid so they all have been getting a bit more practice, which is nice!  I'm sad it's over...but I'm excited to get back into a normal routine and really start with more school stuff.  We've been doing bits and pieces of school since July, but now I'm ready to get into it full swing.  And the kids are excited for school too. 

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