Friday, May 20, 2016

Going Going Going

Mia, Asher, Grandma Cheri and I head out tomorrow to Colorado.  Mia is having a procedure done at the Children's Hospital there to make our toileting process much easier.  We had seen this doctor years ago in Cincinnati and he has since moved to Colorado and we are as a result going there.  He's an expert in the field, to say the least, and with Mia not always being a typical case, we wanted to go and see him.  So, it will be a two day trek to get there and then a week of doctor appointments and surgery and then a two day trek back. 

We, as always, would so appreciate your prayers.  For a safe trip and a complication free surgery. 

Mia's collar bone is doing well and she appears to be healing well.  By the grace of God, she hasn't had anymore falls, but she is still having seizures.  Continue to be praying for her protection, we are so grateful for all of those prayers. 

Will update you after the surgery (which is on Thursday) and let you know how it went. 

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