Saturday, May 28, 2016


Overall Mia had been doing really well with recovery.  We've had a few hiccups with her IV's.  Her veins are very tiny and fragile, so she keeps losing her IV's and it's very hard for the nurses to find a new vein.  Last night it took 7 tries to replace her IV and her left hand, where the IV failed, swelled up like a pufferfish.  It's still a little swollen today, hoping there is no damage to the tissue.  They ended up injecting her 5 times with a medicine called Wydase, which is supposed to counteract and protect the tissue as it returns to normal.

Today the goal is to start liquids and walk some more.  Hopefully also get off the extra nasal oxygen completely.  Some of the time she does good, but then sometimes her blood oxygen levels dip down, especially when she is super relaxed and sleeping.  But, she hates the nasal oxygen and is constantly taking it off, I ended up sleeping with her and holding her hands so she couldn't tear it off.

Grandma, Daddy and Asher started driving home yesterday (change of plans) and now Mia and I will fly home when we are done.  Hoping that is less stressful on her travel wise.

Thanks for praying!

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