Friday, June 03, 2016


We made it home late on Thursday evening.  It was so nice to be able to fly home and not drive especially since we ended up staying longer than I anticipated. 

Mia is doing really well.  It always amazes me how quickly kids bounce back after surgery. 

Before her surgery date, we had to meet with several specialties to get her cleared for surgery because of her complicated history.  One of those was neurology because of her ongoing seizures.  They recommended that we increase one of her meds just a little bit to bridge us through surgery since the body is prone to more seizures during a surgery and recovery.  So the Tuesday before surgery, we increased the one med just a tiny bit for her AM dose.  Up through her surgery, she was still having daily seizures.  The day after her surgery she had 3 seizures.  But then, amazingly, they stopped.  We haven't had a seizure since last week Saturday.  There have been a few times when she zones and I wonder if it is an absence seizure, but they are very brief and it could just be exhaustion and recovery from her surgery.  We are hopeful that in the next few weeks we can determine, as she gets rested, if she indeed is seizure free.  Right now, we are just so grateful.  Every day without a seizure is a blessing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you God!!!

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