Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Much Needed Update

Is it summer yet?  As of today, I can officially say it is.  June tends to be a bit more chaotic because for the last two years I have been co-director of crafts at our church's VBS.  It's a fun job, but can be exhausting too.  Thankfully my co-director is AWESOME and I couldn't do it without her.  But, it just seems like everything revolves around making that happen in June. 

The kids had a blast at VBS.  It was just a great week for them and I love how excited they were about going.  We've listened to the music CD of VBS songs on repeat for the last month, so I was rather surprised when it came on in the car today and everyone still got excited.  Asher said, "this is my favorite." 

The kids have been doing swim lessons every day and I'm excited to report that both Calvin and Asher can swim!  How crazy is that?  Their teacher has them jumping in or sliding in and then swimming to the side on their own.  Neither of them can swim the length of the pool, and Calvin can definitely swim further than Asher, but I'm so impressed with how much they have improved.  Mia is right there too and while she readily tries and works on all the skills, she just has a tougher time getting it all together than the boys.  But, I think with enough practice, she too will get it. 

Speaking of Mia, she continues to be seizure free!  Praise God!  We have started to wean her off one of her meds very slowly.  We are being cautious, but realize also that she's probably on a bit too much medication as she gets really sleepy during the afternoon.  She is also completely healed from her surgery and doing really well. 

We are looking forward to relaxing over the next few weeks as we enjoy our first days of summer!

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