Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gluten Free

So far life has been ok going gluten free. Mia's Nana found her some pancakes from Trader Joe's that are gluten free, so breakfast is a much happier meal now. She doesn't mind eggs, they just aren't her favorite. I tasted the pancakes and they are pretty good, they are thinner, but with some butter and her favorite jam, you can't really tell.

We've tried some different rice pastas also and those aren't that different either. I think the hardest part for us will be eating out, especially if we are just trying to get something quick, because Mia doesn't eat salad yet and she struggles with chewing some meats still. We might just have to pack her meal along for awhile.

We've made an appointment to see a GI specialist, but that's not happening until the beginning of July, so we'll continue to be gluten free until then and see what kind of a difference it makes. And in the mean time, I think we are going to try and get Brad tested to see what his blood work numbers look like, just as a comparison to Mia's. I'm not sure if that would be super helpful or not, but I am kind of curious what his blood work will be.

I'm shocked at the number of people I keep hearing about in the past couple of weeks who've also been diagnosed as Celiac. It makes me wonder what's in the water? or bread for that matter.


Amy said...

I have another friend who is gluten free. She told me as far as eating out that PF Changs is the best in town. They even have a separate gluten free menu if requested.

Gloriann said...

This is up my alley. Gluten is a growing allergy and very common in the midwest. It is very easy to control. Just avoid gluten.
Shelly Case, Rd from Canada is an expert on this subjuct and has some good resources.
Her web site is:
and her book is Gluten-free Diet-Comprehensive Resource Guide
She has shopping guide and list of all the products for the US. Of course Trader Joes is the best.
let me know if you need more information.
Have a great day!!
Gloriann RD

KaraHaus said...

I am so in that same boat with you! As you probably heard, I was diagnosed with Celiac's last week and will be having the boys tested this week. I am almost positive that Noah has it. The weekend was very over whelming and eating out yesterday was not fun. We ate at CPK, not gluten-free menu, and I am pretty sure the sauce on the lettuce wraps had gluten in it. UGH! Lassen's has a great selection and I am hoping to find out more when I meet with the nutritionist next week. Kinda makes me want to start a blog about becoming Gluten-free and not being a health nut. Praying for you and hope to talk to you soon.