Monday, May 10, 2010

So being gluten free has been a learning experience for us. Eating out is the hardest because grilled cheese was our staple before. We still haven't attempted to eat out yet, thankfully Mia is too small to even notice. Her Nana found this great book called Gluten/Casein Free shopping guide. They also have one that is just Gluten Free and one that also incorporates Soy free. Anyway, the author was diagnosed with Celiac disease along with a soy/casein intolerance. So, she and her husband have compiled lists of food that are gluten/soy/casein free. It's an awesome reference, especially for a newby like me who is uncertain about so many things. They've done extensive research to list these products. It's obviously not perfect, but it's a nice reference. I highly recommend it if this is something your family is starting or new to. Here is a link to the website and it shares more about the 3 book options.

Mia continues to do well otherwise. Tomorrow we get weighed in, so I'm just hoping with our diet changes that we don't lose weight. We will see tomorrow.


KaraHaus said...

Thank you so much for the resource. I am spending some time researching all this too this week!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Thank you for the links! I was able to pass this information on to a patient whose daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac.

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