Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Things They Say

So on Friday, Calvin had an appointment with a local allergist to discuss possible food intolerances.  He has some chronic symptoms that could potentially indicate an intolerance or not.  So, the allergist agreed that Calvin should get a blood test done just to rule out or show us what he is intolerant to.  This morning we went to one of our local blood draw stations.  I was explaining to Calvin that we needed to get some of his blood to test for any food allergies.  I told him that the blood is inside of us...the only thing I could think of was how when you get cut, you bleed because there is blood inside of you.  That was making sense to him, so I told him that they would take his blood and the he would get a lollipop and then we would go get ice cream.  He thought about it for a bit and then told me, "so, bleed, lollipop, ice cream." 

He did great, the guy who drew his blood did it on the first try, he shed some tears, but then he was ok.  I was so proud of him.  Well, he immediately got his lollipop and we were off to get ice cream.  Well, when we arrived at the ice cream store, it was closed!  Talk about a parental fail!  He was so distraught, "but Mama, you said ice cream."  He didn't even believe me that the store was closed until I made him go and try to open the door.  He absolutely did not want ice cream anywhere else...sigh...so I said that we would go down to the grocery store and find a cookie instead.  That seemed to partially appease him.  And then when he picked out the largest cookie ever with m&m's, he was happy.  Thank goodness! 

Now we wait a few weeks and then we'll go back to the allergist and get our results. 

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